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Donald F. Giancola
CBI, Vice President

Donald F. Giancola has successfully led assignments on behalf of CBI clients for nearly twenty-five years. Giancola has focused on mid-sized businesses with unusual characteristics; many one-of-a-kind companies with strategic elements which provide significant barriers to entry, making them unusual and outside of the norm, and where he can focus on achieving premium transaction values. New England is made up of many businesses that fit this model and Giancola has been adept at identifying buyers who can add value to these firms.

Prior to joining CBI, Giancola held senior management positions with several of the nation's leading retail companies. During that time, he gained extensive overseas experience including the establishment and development of foreign offices in European and Far East markets. Mr. Giancola was one of the first US executives to trade with China and was invited by Chinese officials to China shortly after Richard Nixon normalized relations.

Donald Giancola's commitment to improving the level of professionalism in the brokerage industry is evidenced by his active involvement in the International Business Brokers Association where he served on the Education Committee, and where he earned the professional designation, Certified Business Intermediary.

Mr. Giancola obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Economics from Northeastern University and has participated in the advanced studies program at Harvard University, focusing on Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning. He is one of only 500 intermediaries who have earned the professional designation, Certified Business Intermediary.

Robert Chatfield

Robert Chatfield brings a lifetime of corporate finance experience to CBI clients. He served as M&A specialist for the Banknorth Group and an international financial analyst with the Polaroid Corporation. Rob has a particular knack for negotiating alternative deal structures that get "win-win" deals done while maximizing the after-tax value received by CBI's clients.

Rob's passion for finance and working with entrepreneurs is immediately apparent. Rob also maintains a limited practice assisting start-up tech companies with business planning (it's never too soon to plan your exit strategy!). Rob is a colorful public speaker who enjoys working with students. He currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Finance at Suffolk University, teaching graduate level classes in Investment Banking, and has taught extensively at the collegiate level for over ten years.

Steven Card

Steven Card has owned small businesses in Maine for over 20 years. He has consistently been an industry leader introducing new technologies & systems to Maine Businesses since 1991. His career has been an entrepreneurial one which includes three successful start-ups and five business acquisitions, each employing up to 30 people. All of his enterprises were eventually sold or merged into his primary company which provides Steve with the unique advantage of intimately understanding transactions from both sides of the table. From the emotional to the financial implications of buying or selling a business he has experienced and managed those situations first hand.

Card has been active as both President and Treasurer of his trade association’s Executive Committee and brings great technical vision to transaction’s with respect to systemization and operational issues to help a business transition as seamlessly as possible from one owner to another with high customer and employee retention. He has a great talent in achieving a true win-win scenario in his dealings. Card exemplifies CBI’s mission statement “to manage the sale of successful businesses to qualified buyers who will continue to be successful.

Steven Card

Dennis George
Portland, Maine

Dennis George brings nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial experience to CBI. Dennis has an unusually strong ability to identify business growth opportunities. He’s a sharp numbers guy, but also is a keen-listening, straight-talking person who inspires trust and confidence with the people around him.

In the 1970s, Dennis and his wife Sue bought a small, New England-based wholesale fish market. “Fixer-upper” was an understatement for the condition of that business, but they determined a restaurant would be a good add-on venture. Several years, a major renovation - and a few gray hairs – later, the Georges were steering a highly profitable destination seafood restaurant that served 1,100 meals on peak days.

When it came time to exit his business, Dennis chose CBI to lead the sale. Always stringent about offering the highest levels of customer service, Dennis found CBI was the only company that matched his core values. The match was so good, that CBI soon invited Dennis to join the company!

Dennis is an excellent judge of character; a trait that has served him well when hiring staff for the restaurant, and today serves CBI in creating solid matches between sellers and buyers. “Customer service has always been my number one priority,” says Dennis. “Here at CBI, I strive to give business owners a relaxed, completely confidential opportunity to market their business.”

Outside of work, Dennis’s passion is drag racing. He and his wife spend much of their free time racing his 1963 Chevy Nova throughout racetracks of New England.

Carolyn Siegel
Administrative Assistant

Carolyn works closely with CBI's Portland and New Hampshire based brokers, serving as office manager and coordinating their efforts, designing and implementing marketing campaigns geared to provide exposure of our client's businesses to a wide range of prospective buyers. She also leads our communication efforts with clients, prospective buyers, and local professional community in addition to being responsible for all other aspects of our direct mail and Internet based marketing programs. Carolyn joined CBI two years ago after moving to Maine from South Carolina and has quickly become a intergral part of CBI's success in the market. Carolyn is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.

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